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Hey There World Changer,

We are excited to introduce to you, Uniquely Qualified Ambassador Membership, where you take the next step to reaching your destiny and walking out ALL of who God created you to be. God has called you to a beautiful purpose. Do not let excuses and fear stop you from experiencing life's greatest achievements. Say YES! You are not meant to do life alone. Stay connected with individuals and businesses from all over the world.

Our vision is to help people own their uniqueness, live an authentic lifestyle of purpose and build healthy, successful relationships both personally and professionally.

Membership includes:

  •   Exclusive Content

  • Access to all 20 minute Impact Classes: two per month

  • Potentially Teach Upcoming Impact Classes (promote products/ services)

  • 10% discounts to all events & products

  • Great Giveaways!

  • Randomly selected to be featured on site & newsletter

  • Weekly 9 at 9 Impact Call- Ignite, Equip & Impact. Perfect movement of God.  Devine completeness.

  • Join a community of Ambassadors

  • Gain Access to Uniquely Qualified Network Directory

  • Potentially become speaker at our next event

  • Receive free copy of Uniquely Qualified Featured Publication

  • We pull from our membership base: Any product and/or service we want to know about it so we can work with you on our next event.

  • Potentially become the chosen book for the book club

Here’s your chance to connect and join our Online Community Today for the very low rate of $14.97 monthly.

This community alone is packed with resources, valuable content and networking opportunities. Get started by becoming an Ambassador to our Movement!

Upcoming Master Class - Starting March 1st

  • Finances & Budgeting

  • Meaningful Success

  • How to become a Inspirational Public Speaker

  • Connectivity & Networking

  • Social Media & App Knowledge

  • Business Growth

  • Fundraising & Monetization

  • Radio & Branding

  • How to Build a Simple Website

  • Credit Repair

  • Real estate Market. When to buy?

  • Fitness Strength

  • Women & Etiquette

  • Strengthen Her

  • She Flew the Coop

  • Becoming a Social Media Mogul

  • Understanding a Man


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